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After the relaunch of the Carnegie Mellon Today university magazine, we have been keen on relaunching a second magazine to better understand the paradigm of integrated online and print magazines. While working with our client, Oncology Nursing Society, we recently … Continue reading

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In December of 2016, started testing a new article site design. One of their designers Jason Santa Maria tweeted their test page, along with a  blog post introducing the new design approach. The new layout was sleek and simple, … Continue reading

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Anyone who has ever suffered through a migraine knows the symptoms: headache, distorted vision, irritability, dizziness, nausea, etc. Anyone who has ever gone through a website content migration has probably experienced some of these same symptoms. Whether we all like … Continue reading

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In our 20+ year history of building websites, almost all our clients were initially skeptical about the return on investment from a website redesign; they underestimated the impact the new website would have on their business. After a year or … Continue reading

My last blog post I wrote about the future of web grids by using CSS Grid Layouts. Recently I have been finding a lot of inspiration off of the grid. Finding a way to incorporate some more organic or random … Continue reading

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This past June several Elliance team members had the pleasure of attending Web Design Day 2016. While many of the speakers presented interesting new ideas and techniques one seemed to stand out of the crowd for me, Jen Simmons’ ‘Revolutionize Your … Continue reading

As a Front End developer, my job crosses over many disciplines, but this post is not about what a Front End developer/designer does (you can read a great article by Brad Frost on the topic to understand more about this … Continue reading

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Touch devices have quickly overtaken traditional mouse and keyboard devices (device sales, mobile usage). The current landscape is such that we can confidently assume our visitors will be experiencing our web pages on their phones first and then on their … Continue reading

As discussed in a previous blog post, we recently redesigned the Carnegie Mellon Today online magazine. With this redesign, the focus changed from a print-based quarterly issue to an online-only site with new stories both produced and promoted on a … Continue reading

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In relaunching the online Carnegie Mellon responsive university magazine, we have created a technologically sophisticated online university magazine which is commensurate with the Carnegie Mellon brand. Some of you might recall that the magazine was relaunched just two years ago. … Continue reading

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