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As a creative being I live for discovering inspiration all around me, and many times it’s inspiration that finds me. With fall fast approaching I think about the possibility of a road trip to take in the splendor of color that Pennsylvania has to offer, so I begin. Inspire me Pennsylvania. Step one. Visit the website.  Hmmm. The site is short on inspiration and so is my time spent on Where is the story? Where is the adventure? I know our state is beautiful, so why not celebrate it with the many tools a digital experience has to offer? Mediocre = Forgettable Step two. Lolly gag So now that I am uninspired about the Pa. site, I troll around a bit online until I remember a site I saw a while ago about Maine. I believe it was an interactive newsletter? Hello Maine! What a beautiful experience. I am instantly inspired by the elegant simplicity of the user interface, … Continue reading

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1.      Create Clear Objectives The best objectives include specific measurable milestones (achieve sales of $1MM, increase conversion rates from 65% to 75%, etc.); are meaningful to your end goal; and are set at a realistic level that is motivating to your sales and marketing team. 2.      Use Appropriate Analytics Establish a metrics protocol that maps back to your objectives. Challenge every initiative to have a meaningful objective and means for measurement. Develop a process for reporting performance on a regular basis and share the results with your team and other stakeholders. 3.      Measure what matters most Data is everywhere. It’s easy to get lost in the analytics. Prioritize what you are measuring and make sure it is clearly aligned with your objectives. You’ll elevate your entire team’s focus and momentum by identifying and prioritizing 2-3 primary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 4.      Possess a test and learn mentality Marketing plans are often built from the prior year and based on what … Continue reading

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Inbound marketing is essential: Provide information customers want, via blogs, videos, podcasts, articles, newsletters, social media updates and SEO and they’ll naturally turn to your website to learn more. Using multiple tactics makes inbound marketing a proactive approach that’s extremely effective. Paid advertising is critical: Wouldn’t it be great if you could tailor ads to speak directly to your target audience? With pay-per-click ads, that’s exactly what happens. The keywords potential customers type into a search bar lead them directly to your ads. Boots on the ground make connections: It’s hard to achieve success online without an effective ground game taking place offline. Military strategists know it. Political campaigns live it. This means making time to go on road shows. Plan seminars for prospects. Meet face-to-face. Follow-up is everything: Getting new leads is just the beginning. These leads must be nurtured with follow-up email/call campaigns, invitations to special events, and other escalation tactics to move hot prospect towards a close. … Continue reading

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