Website Design and Web Development Case Studies of Manufacturers and Industrial Companies

Websites are the digital soul of manufacturers and industrial companies. Constructed well, they are effective conversion machines for new business development and become their #1 sales tool. In the past 30 years, Elliance has designed and developed more than 150 manufacturing websites. Following are four success stories of our website design and development clients:

1. Underdog Wins: Sophisticated Alloys

Located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, an hour from steel-and-aluminum-famed Pittsburgh, Sophisticated Alloys takes pride in solving the toughest customer challenges, fusing the most unlikely elements to create new custom alloys. We rebuilt their website and started a blog which has given them a decade long Google page one positions for “custom alloy manufacturer”, “specialty alloy manufacturer”, “Simonds alloy manufacturer” and “alloy manufacturer”. This has transformed them into a preferred alloy supplier for many enterprise clients.

The website development project went through the usual process of starting with discovery and strategy development, leading to information architecture and user experience design, followed by website design and copywriting, then front-end and back-end development and culminating in infusing SEO thinking into every phase of the project.

2. Small Giant Leaps: Aerotech

By defying the temptation to be bought by a larger company and insisting on carrying forward the family legacy of innovation, Aerotech became the last independent motion control company standing. We rebuilt a smart, SEO-optimized, catalog-centered website and translated it into other languages opening new global markets and expanding its high-margin custom solutions business. Sales doubled, backlog was created, and the company grew. Founder’s sons are happy they stayed in the game, showing their Dad what they are made of.

Elliance built four unique website features that grew Aerotech’s sales beyond their expectations. First, auto-complete site search for repeat buyers reduced customer services calls. Second, facet-search for each product category helped buyers see the depth and breadth of their product lines, increasing related product sales. Third, high-margin custom solutions were elevated to the primary navigation right next to the catalog, growing systems sales. Finally, the blog was transformed into a Google bot magnet to secure Google page one rankings.

3. Diamond in the Rough Gets Polished: Kopp Glass

Sometimes legacy isn’t enough to move into the future. We repositioned this specialty glass manufacturer as “the leading high performance glass manufacturer” and rebuilt their website, humanizing their craftsmanship and amplifying everything that goes into their high-margin custom design services. They found themselves on Google page one for “high performance glass manufacturer” and have never looked back.

In addition to following the usual website design and development process, Elliance crafted a content governance guide that recommended what content should be updated by various team members to ensure the website remained fresh and current.

4. Prodigal Returns: Miller Welding

Grandpa Miller founded it, Pa Miller runs it, Son Miller returns to the family business to run this precious contract manufacturer. From the looks of its old website, no one would even guess that this was a giant manufacturer with giant machinery producing giant assemblies with zero defects. Elliance remedied that with a high-fidelity website and duly put it in Google page one for contract manufacturing. Large European auto and solar panel manufacturers came knocking and signed multi-year contracts bringing prosperity to the company and the rural area it operates in. Happiness prevails.

Beyond the standard website design process, Elliance felt compelled to do a photoshoot to capture the magnitude of the giant robots, enormous machines and craftsmen at work. Our design illustrator custom-designed icons that represented all of Miller’s specialties. All together, the new design made them look like a leader in their space.

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