Can websites be engines for liberating prosperity?

creates an inflection point

In our 20+ year history of building websites, almost all our clients were initially skeptical about the return on investment from a website redesign; they underestimated the impact the new website would have on their business. After a year or two of relaunch, almost all the clients became believers. They shared comments with us that had three recurring themes. Here they are:

1. A great website creates a strategic inflection point, whereby a business starts experiencing a major change due to clarity realized during the website strategy development process.

Creates an Inflection Point

2. A great website changes organizational trajectory, when a business sheds an old skin and puts on a new skin which re-energizes the prospects, customers and internal stakeholders.

Changes Organizational Trajectory

3. A great website realizes a new organizational destiny, whereby the organization musters the courage to unapologetically pursue its vision.

Realizes a new organizational destiny

We often hear stories from skeptical prospects about their previous website redesigns not liberating prosperity. What’s the difference between their past experiences and the one they enjoy with us? We believe the difference is our approach to website redesign, which is equal parts an exercise in business strategy, creative strategy and search engine ranking strategy – all fused together into a single website redesign project. i.e.

Website Redesign = Business Strategy + Creative Strategy + Search Engine Ranking Strategy

In the websites we build, these elements are infused into every aspect of website experience design i.e. discovery, website strategy, information architecture, design, copywriting, storytelling, persuasion architecture, argument construction, search engine optimization, development and launch. God is in the details and details truly matter to each of our craft-minded professionals at Elliance.

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