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Making a business case for investing in a comprehensive website redesign to ROI-minded, quant-driven cabinet members is vastly different than making a case to marketing leaders who intuitively understand the value of a great website.

For quantitively inclined cabinet members, here are five ROI metrics that we have used to justify the investment in a comprehensive website redesign:

College and University Website Redesign ROI

1. Better Student Quality: Fortifying program pages and the “why us” pages motivates better-fit students to raise their hands, dissuading wrong-fits from applying. You should expect to see conversion rates improve by as much as 25%.

2. Reduced Bounce Rate: Improving page architecture results in engaged traffic to your website. This should reduce your website bounce rate so it sits between 20% and 30%. The industry average exceeds 50%.

3. Stronger Google Rankings: Baking search engine thinking into every phase of redesign enhances your website’s Google rankings. One year after relaunch, you should see an increase in search engine traffic by 25% to 30%.

4. Higher U.S. News Rankings: A new website impacts both peer and employer perceptions, which together account for almost half of U.S. News rankings. Your school’s rankings should improve by several positions.

5. Improved Alumni Giving Rate: Money follows schools that look consequential. A website launch should result in the doubling of online giving rate, and in some cases receiving multi-million dollar donations.

Beyond the quantitative ROI, we have observed that website redesign projects are a catalyst for transforming a college, liberating new prosperity and realizing destiny. As part of this journey, power structures are realigned, the school community is energized, and a new organizational inflection point is created.

If you are seeking college website design agencies, please see our work and consider partnering with us.

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