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Marketing of Liberal Arts Colleges Our Reflections
An Ode to Liberal Arts Education

Thirty years. That’s how long Elliance has been making the case for liberal arts education with its noble goal of imparting practical idealism. In that time, we’ve fashioned a host of edgy, bullet-proof arguments that speak of the liberal arts in fresh and exciting ways. Using the language of the day, we’ve confronted the shibboleths […]

higher education visual content marketing agency strategies tips ideas and examples for undergraduate photoshoots
Higher Education Visual Content Marketing Strategy Fuel: Undergraduate Photoshoots

From its early inception, Elliance with its team of photographers has been capturing iconic photographs that bring the excitement, immediacy and candor of photojournalism to the higher education brands, websites, social media, campaigns and magazines. Here are some strategies, tips, ideas and examples of visual content marketing for undergraduate photoshoots for colleges, universities, and higher […]

Improving Admissions Yield Tips Strategies And Inspirations
Improving Admissions Yield with Admitted Student Microsites

In today’s world, the college application is the new inquiry. Enrollment managers can’t expect admitted students to accept their offers and simply show up. They must continue to romance them until they show up on campus. Admitted student microsites represent just one of the tactics to guide students in this direction. Listed below are best […]

How to increase transfer student enrollment
How to Increase Transfer Student Enrollment: A Playbook for Recruitment Officers

This playbook, born out of 30 years of experience helping college and university enrollment officers, is designed to Increase and grow transfer student recruitment.

Higher Education Tagline Development Agency Work Samples For Colleges and Universities
Higher Education Tagline Development Agency Work Samples For Colleges and Universities

Reimagining the brand for colleges, universities and higher education institutions starts with teasing out the brand essence from the stories of the faculty, students, alumni and community you serve. Brand essence is often distilled down to a brand line or a tagline. Here is a sampling of few we’ve completed for some great clients. William […]

Why Your Alumni Magazine Should be Both Print and Digital
SEO Tips for turning an alumni and university magazine into a Google ranking engine

Alumni magazines have evolved through three distinct eras. Initially, they were printed and distributed to all living alumni and friends, but concerns over climate change and shifting alumni habits have led even the most prestigious brands to discontinue this practice. The second era saw the rise of digital magazines shared through platforms like ISSUU and […]

College Identity Makeover for Universities and Higher Education Institutions
College Identity Makeover for Universities and Higher Education Institutions

Higher education institutions occasionally turn to Elliance to revitalize their identity. Motivations vary: some want to shed an old skin and put on a new one, while others aim to sharpen their focus and distance themselves from their competitors; some simply seek to modernize their image to align with evolving market trends, and a few […]

osteopathic medical school website header
An Osteopathic Medical School Website Design Case Study

Kansas City University, one of the oldest osteopathic medical schools in the US, turned to Elliance, a website design and digital marketing agency, to bolster their leadership role in the industry and outsmart the competition.

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Higher Education Marketing For International Student Recruitment

When crafting strategies for international student recruitment, we pay special attention to cultural sensitivities that may be at play. Here are three considerations to look out for when creating culturally sensitive communications.

How to Build University Reputation in the Digital Age with PR 2.0

With mass adoption of smartphones and social media, traditional public relations, or PR 1.0, has evolved into PR 2.0. The traditional rules of PR for building reputation in key areas and conveying values have fallen to the way side, and a new paradigm has emerged. Instead of relying on media relations contacts as gatekeepers for […]