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In redesigning websites for 25 years, we have come to realize that a website is a machine for liberating prosperity and realizing institutional destiny. However making a business case for to ROI-minded, quant-driven business leaders (such as chief operating officers … Continue reading

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In our 20+ year history of building websites, almost all our clients were initially skeptical about the return on investment from a website redesign; they underestimated the impact the new website would have on their business. After a year or … Continue reading

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If done right, SEO will literally outlive your website. On the internet, we don’t often think of our media as having any intrinsic permanent value. News headlines are expired within minutes; tweets are gone in a flash. Blogs squabble and … Continue reading

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Interestingly, senior decision makers look at eMarketing ROI based on their roles. CEOs tend to focus on downstream metrics such as aggregate ROI i.e. if we invested $x into an eMarketing program, what revenue, $y, did we get from it. … Continue reading

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