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Like my wife and I and a lot of other people, our friends Lindsay and Ryan have a dog. Their dog is an ancient Japanese Chin named Mikoto. Mikoto weighs maybe five pounds, yet lumbers when he moves, is completely … Continue reading

Traditional outbound marketing relies heavily on interrupting prospective customers with advertising, direct mail, etc. Inbound marketing takes a much different approach: earning attention and trust by providing valuable content and embracing personal interaction. Inbound marketers help clients “get found” via … Continue reading

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Today, we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives. We have created, for the first time in all history, a garden of pure ideology—where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests purveying contradictory truths. Our Unification … Continue reading

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During these times when consumers tend to ignore billboard ads, block telemarketing calls, and fast forward through television commercials, inbound marketing is a hot topic. Tactics typically categorized as inbound marketing are ones that encourage interested prospective customers to come … Continue reading

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The New York Times wrote a great and fun story about a nut company that just spent a fortune for the domain, despite having a wonderful brand to itself and a thriving online business at We had a … Continue reading

If you don’t know the answer to this simple question, you might as well postpone the web redesign project. Answers could range from more right-fit conversions, expand geographic reach, define a distinctive position, to widen the sales funnel.

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