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Facebook has recently made available a plethora of new video options for both pages and individual users to use for engaging more authentically with their friends and fans. This includes their recently released feature called Facebook Live, which allows you to connect with your fans, friends and followers by sharing real-time video of what you’re doing. Marketers especially in the higher education industry should definitely jump on this because it creates an intimate, authentic connection with your audience and most importantly it humanizes and personalizes your brand. It is important to appreciate the importance of a live video in terms of the audience engagement and post visibility, Facebook Newsfeed is not in a chronological order rather it is a personalized feed which shows what is most relevant to the user. Since the release of Live, Facebook has tweaked its algorithm to show Live videos more likely higher in the News Feed. When you use Live with your page, you already … Continue reading

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Snapchat is big … I mean really big. In over the course of two years I have noticed my Facebook Newsfeed instead of being filled with spontaneous photos of my friends having fun to being filled with serious world news or invitations to sign up for events. My friends gradual decline in Facebook activity to other social media such as Instagram and Snapchat is probably because Facebook is a victim of its own success. With our parents and close relatives on our friend list, Facebook is no longer a place for reckless status updates about Friday night “activities”, but only a necessary communication tool that millennials and generation Z use because everyone else is doing too. Enter Snapchat, students (high school and college student) have flocked to Snapchat for one simple reason. They have realized *finally* that Internet is forever and anything they post can be dug up in the later future for a collective social shaming by friends. Their move to … Continue reading

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Higher education institutes are generating data from a variety of sources: CRM data, web analytics, enrollment data, student data, LMS data and alumni data. All this information is causing a data glut where data is being gathered, stored and forgotten due to a variety of reasons. According to EDUCAUSE, data in numerous cases is only being used to satisfy reporting requirements and neither being actively used for strategic purposes (this includes marketing, enrollment and resource optimization) nor is it being used effectively for making predictions or triggering proactive decisions on imminent issues. Purchasing a few tools for data analytics is easy however the real value lies in having the curiosity to ask the right questions and the skill to delve into data to find answers. Here are a few strategies when looking into higher ed data. Social Media Look at the insight dashboard of your social media platform. Analyze which posts had the most engagement rate (a combination of likes, … Continue reading

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