Manufacturing website design and web development agency FAQs

Manufacturing website design and development agency answers FAQs

As one of the top website design and web development agencies for manufacturing, our talented team has been creating trusted website and e-commerce design and development experiences for Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction & Engineering, Electronics, Energy, Food & Beverage, Furniture, Industrials, Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, Retail & Consumer Goods, Tooling, Textiles & Apparel, Transportation Equipment, Wood & Paper Products companies. Here are responses to some of their frequently asked question (FAQs):

What are the essential features for a successful manufacturing website?

Here are some smart features worth providing for your smart engineering-minded buyers:

  • Product catalog and services – as a quick reference to your offerings.
  • Custom solutions – to facilitate higher-margin, complex sales.
  • Project galleries – to showcase your solutions in action.
  • Markets served – to reduce their risk of buying from you.
  • Customer stories, testimonials and third-party validations – to reduce their risk of buying from you.
  • Auto-complete site search – to give quickest path to your products and services.
  • Faceted search – to show depth and breadth of product (and service) offerings.
  • Configurators – to engage your buyers.
  • Resource center – to provide convenient access to all your brochures and spec sheets.
  • Blog – to convey product and thought leadership.
  • Customer portal – to enable customers to find answers to routine questions about their past purchase history, warrantees, add-ons, and a whole lot more.
  • Multi-language support – to facilitate international and multilingual buyers.

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How can we showcase our products effectively on our manufacturing website? Are there specific strategies for showcasing product specifications and technical details effectively?

Manufacturers experience one of the most complex buying (and selling) process of any industry. Committees of engineers, influencers and buyers all play a role in the purchase. Manufacturers must provide all product details and specs in both imperial and metric systems to serve the US and worldwide customers. These can either be displayed on the website pages or made available via PDF downloads.

Photos and videos of products in action or in complex use is another way to effectively send a visual signal to the buyer that you understand and can service their multi-faceted needs.

Beyond this, manufacturers must make their teams available to talk to prospective buyers to answer their questions, to discuss their design needs or to understand after-sale service. Standard practices also include showing applications of your products and services in customer settings, providing related white papers, and sharing testimonials of satisfied clients.

How can manufacturers integrate e-commerce functionality into their website?

If you offer e-commerce functionality, you must integrate it with your back-end inventory management and payment management systems using EDI. This can be done in real-time or near-real-time with caveats. Know that e-commerce projects require websites to be integrated with your back-end systems and thus cost a lot more and take much longer to implement.

How can we enhance the user experience of our manufacturing website?

Today, more than any other touch point, a website is the digital soul of a manufacturing organization. All roads lead to it. The needs of the prospective and existing buyers must come first. It behooves manufacturers to design and develop a website which is easy to use, exudes expertise and trust, and delights buyers and customers.

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Are there specific design trends or best practices for manufacturing websites?

Here are eight of the most important website design trends for 2024:

  • Amplify purpose.
  • Start with a Keyword Lexicon.
  • Focus on talent attraction.
  • Sell to the new breed of buyers.
  • Use contemporary design sensibility.
  • Build your reputation.
  • Serve global audiences.
  • Measure ROI.

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What role does responsive design play in the success of a manufacturing website?

Responsive websites are the ones that automatically adjust gracefully on smartphones, tablets or desktops on various popular browsers. Google rewards responsive websites with higher rankings.

What role does mobile website design play in the success of a manufacturing website?

Since half of manufacturer website users are likely coming from mobile devices, it is imperative that you design and develop your website with a mobile-first mindset.

How can we create engaging content to attract and inform visitors on our manufacturing website?

In the age of AI, many manufacturers are leaning on AI to generate robotic and inauthentic content. Resist the temptation; instead, lean on your subject matter experts to create authentic content or pair them with your content marketers to write democratized content. They are a wellspring of stories of innovation and clients successes. They are also the source of white papers and best practices that no AI engine can produce.

Should my website have a blog?

Fresh content is the lifeblood of Google and Bing. Infused with keywords, informative blog posts are one of the most effective means of securing Google and Bing page one rankings for long tail keywords. With assistance from your subject matter experts and AI tools, produce high-fidelity web stories, thought-leadership white papers and informative blog posts — and infuse them with keywords. Google and Bing page one rankings will follow.

Should manufacturers use their website to communicate sustainability and environmental efforts?

Since Millennials and Gen-Zers care deeply about corporate values, they are gravitating towards companies that embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, and embody corporate social responsibility (CSR). Both emerging talent and buyers are attracted to brands which live in accordance with their core values. To create resonance, manufacturing websites must go beyond promoting their expertise and celebrate their corporate commitment to sustainability and communities. To appeal to them, manufacturing websites should consider incorporating nature-inspired organic forms, cool digital design, and interactive energy.

How can we optimize our manufacturing website for better search engine rankings?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science and art of securing Google and Bing page one rankings. Here is the recipe we follow to create predictable and enduring rankings:

  • Establish a multi-year SEO plan.
  • Create a Keyword Lexicon.
  • Make your website responsive, secure and fast.
  • Implement on-page and on-site factors.
  • Create content for countries of interest.
  • Optimize for locations and geographies you serve and wish to serve.
  • Build quality inbound links.
  • Manage social signals.
  • Create fresh content to secure and sustain top rankings for important keywords.
  • Measure impact of SEO efforts and ROI.
  • Keep up with Google and Bing algorithm changes.

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What analytic tools can help monitor and improve the performance of a manufacturer website?

Simple tools and processes yield the most effective measures of website performance. If you can learn to effectively use the free Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you’ll have accomplished more than most manufacturing marketers. Review the insights from it every month and adapt your game plan based on your learnings. Cultivate the discipline of putting lead and order source into your CRM system, and analyze what sources are working the best. Your website should be your #1 lead and new business generation tool. If you have more budgets, you can always invest in marketing automation tools like HubSpot or Pardot.

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Beyond these commonly asked questions,, each situation demands a slightly different set of questions. Feel free to share yours with us.

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