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When manufacturing companies make decisions on which marketing tactics to use, one thing to consider is the changing habits of their target audience. Where is the audience currently spending their time? Which channels are they using?

An IHS Engineering360 survey report on digital media use by manufacturing professionals shows that internet use for work related activities has gone up. The survey finds  71 percent of professionals surveyed use 6 or more work-related websites each week.

manufacturing marketing audience number of visited websitesMore than half of the professionals surveyed spend six or more hours per week on the internet for work-related purposes.

manufacturing audience time spent onlineProfessionals used search engines more than any other information source. Almost 90 percent of professionals use Google and other search engines to get information. For manufacturers who are still thinking about whether to invest in search engine marketing, paid advertising, websites and online campaigns, this data shows they need to be present where the audience is looking for information.

manufacturing marketing audience online sources

But what are some of these online work-related activities of these professionals? The survey shows that professionals use the internet to find components, equipment, services and suppliers. And the one thing that really stood out is that they are using the internet to purchase parts and products. The survey shows 62 percent of professionals use the internet to purchase parts/products!

manufacturing marketing audience activities online

This is a significant percentage of manufacturing professionals who are utilizing and online channels to purchase products.

Can manufacturers afford not to be present online when their target audience is there?

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