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We are very honored to launch the first inbound marketing resource for higher education marketers and enrollment marketing teams. It’s free and comprehensive.

As the old era of traditional college search comes to an end, inbound marketing heralds the new era of authentic, high quality content marketing that deepens brand trust, achieves SEO rankings, and attains social sharing with the spirit of attracting more of right-fit prospects. Colleges are not only trying to recruit students to meet their enrollment goals, they are trying to recruit successful alumni.


It includes five sections: audiences, strategies, tactics, tools and ROI, so those working in higher education marketing can understand how inbound marketing works.

Inbound marketing will impact the admissions funnel and student life cycle in four different ways:

First, it brings more right-fit prospective students to your website.

Second, these prospective students are more likely to apply and enroll.

Third, schools will have a better chance at retaining these students.

Finally, colleges will recruit the right-fit students who are most likely to become long-term donors.

Experience it at the official Inbound Marketing Flashcards website.

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