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Google recently shared an infographic depicting how 2013 transformed digital marketing. There are some great stats in here… 73% of advertisers report using social media ads 239% YOY increase in mobile queries across the Google Display Network See the full … Continue reading

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Digital (i.e. web+search+social+mobile) has changed everything in the world of marketing. Digital is doing to marketing what quantum mechanics did to newtonian mechanics. Let me share five indicators of a tectonic shift taking place right under our feet: 1. Communications … Continue reading

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For those of us working with and for colleges and universities , the increasing focus on online education has been an undeniable force in the past year or two. This article, published today in the New York Times, discusses an … Continue reading

I’m writing from my small town in Vermont, where schools are closed for Superstorm Sandy, but the sun is shining and it’s as pretty a fall day as we’ve had this year. The lights stayed on. My thoughts go out … Continue reading

Today marks the one year anniversary of Steve Job’s death. Apple’s created a wonderful video tribute, which, incidentally, makes the case for a liberal arts education better than any I’ve ever heard. “It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, one of the speakers at the North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals conference in Chicago raised an interesting question: Is it necessary to live a “social lifestyle” personally, in order to be a social media … Continue reading

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I have to imagine that @sweden’s citizen-driven Twitter “experiment” is waking up many a marketing director’s concerns about social media—ergo their brands—in the hands of the masses. As part of its Curators of Sweden campaign, Sweden’s government-sponsored tourism agency turns … Continue reading

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As the director of new business development for Elliance, I spend a lot of time thinking about the strengths and services that we can provide for our clients. I’m very energized by the Elliance team, and I love bouncing ideas … Continue reading

Has it been a busy week for you, so far? Because it sure has been for us. Our SEOgrams iOS app is back on the App Store after our recent transition to an Enterprise developer license; we completed and delivered a … Continue reading

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Earlier I had posted my review and critique of Stephen Baker’s book ‘Numerati’, noting that he doesn’t give b2b examples. Since the, I have been on the hunt for b2b examples. I just found another one by Otis Elevator company, … Continue reading

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