Numerati – B2B flavor

Earlier I had posted my review and critique of Stephen Baker’s book ‘Numerati’, noting that he doesn’t give b2b examples. Since the, I have been on the hunt for b2b examples. I just found another one by Otis Elevator company, which offers the following service on their website:

REM® Remote Elevator Monitoring
Otis developed the REM system to optimize elevator performance and minimize elevator downtime. It is a sophisticated interconnected system of sensors, monitors, circuits, hardware and software to collect, record, analyze and communicate data about elevator operations 24/7. If the REM system detects a problem, it analyzes and diagnoses the cause and location, then makes the service call and helps an Otis mechanic identify the component causing the problem. Elevators are often back in service before owners or tenants even know there is a problem.

Interesting indeed.