Manufacturing web development agency best practice: build custom websites with a Smart Page Builder.

Manufacturing web development agency best practice: build custom websites with a Smart Page Builder

A breed of automated website builder platforms have recently emerged in the market. At first glance, they are attractive because content marketers without any coding and programming knowledge can build a website quickly. However, the websites they generate are cookie-cutter, bloated, not SEO friendly, and not ADA compliant.  They may be okay for frugal small business and non-mission-critical websites, but they don’t stand a chance at becoming engines for liberating revenue for fast-growing small, medium and enterprise companies. Mission-critical websites need custom argument construction on key pages, lightening speed, SEO friendliness, and ADA compliance. 

For mission-critical websites, Elliance has created Smart Page Builder to create custom websites that are easy to manage and operate by non-technical content marketers. Our Smart Page Builder:

  • revolutionizes website development by providing an intuitive interface that allows content marketers with varying technical skills to create and customize web pages easily. 
  • streamlines the website development process and reduces the need for coding knowledge.
  • democratizes website creation and empowers individuals and businesses to quickly build professional-looking websites without relying on dedicated developers, fostering efficiency and creativity in the web development landscape.
  • enables content marketers to construct custom arguments on different pages of the website, including the ability to construct new pages with LEGO-like building blocks such as:
    • multi-column copy blocks
    • reusable, shared content blocks
    • product/service cards
    • related products/services
    • carousels
    • accordions
    • tabs
    • photo and video galleries
    • quotes and testimonials
    • tagged content, news, events and people feeds
    • forms and form embeds
    • callouts
    • and a whole lot more
  • empowers content marketers to manage secure access using ACLs, create workflows, preview before publish, review audit trails and roll-back changes.
  • creates SEO friendly websites that are light in code and load fast on smart phones, tablets and desktops alike.
  • creates ADA compliant websites.

Interested in building a mission-critical manufacturing website with our Smart Page Builder that’ll liberate corporate growth? Let’s talk.