Manufacturing SEO Agency Near Me

Remember the internet was supposed to be the great equalizer? Even though we are located in Pittsburgh, we’ve attracted and served a national and international client base because we took the time and effort to market ourselves by using SEO on ourselves. In our 25 year history, we’ve served over 250 clients most of whom found us from our Google page one rankings.

How did we serve all these clients? Over the phone with occasional travel in the early days, and recently with Goto Meeting, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft teams. Here are the SEO services we offer to manufacturers and industrial companies:

SEO Audit Services


A high-performing website persuades buyers and influences search engine bots so your website is ranked on Google and Bing. Our SEO audit will assess the health of your website in twelve dimensions: site performance, URL structure, copy, keywords, user experience, conversion architecture, site coding, social signals, links, location, indexing and blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Location is destiny. Trusted page one organic rankings and high visibility for your social media content equate to owning the world’s hottest real estate. Elliance started offering SEO services back in 1994. We artfully orchestrate content, code, optimization and channels to deliver right-fit prospects via first page organic rankings – regionally, nationwide and in international markets.

Content Marketing


Fresh content is the lifeblood of successful rankings. However, creating great content that ranks on page one of search engines is a labor of love. It takes an investigative mind to discover brand proofs, an imaginative mind to create persuasive content, and an SEO mind that understands the workings of the Google bot to piece it all together.

Mobile and Voice Search


Mobile users bring hyper-local needs and seek spontaneous solutions. Because more than half of the searches are now voice activated, mobile search requires a unique approach to content creation, site coding and submissions. Elliance search marketers secure page one rankings in these make-or-break tight spaces and nano interactions.

Contact us if you are seeking a smart manufacturing marketing agency which can help you join the elite group of manufacturers growing their company’s share of mind, voice and market using our SEO services.