Higher Education Marketing Best Practices

Professional higher education marketing services agencies, like Elliance, embrace the following seven best practices:

1. Start with Strategy: They pick the best strategy to move the college/university forward.
Higher Education Marketing Services - Strategy

2. Build Your Brand: Because they know that in the sea of sameness, brands win, they build a memorable brand for your college. And then they imbue it at every touch point.
Higher Education Marketing Services - Branding

3. Fix Your Website: They recognize that your website is your conversion machine, and all roads lead to it. They also bake in your SEO Keyword Guide at every step of website development so your college can rank on Google page 1.
Higher Education Marketing Services -  Website Conversions

4. Orchestrate Inbound marketing, Google PPC, Paid Social and Retargeting: They fish where the fish are – on search, social and mobile.
Higher Education Marketing Services - Campaigns

5. Invest in Marketing Technology: With the right tools deployed at every stage of the admissions funnel, they know what is working and what’s not. Thus they are able to feed the performing ads/channels/messages and starve the non-performers.
Higher Education Marketing Services -Technology

6. Measure, Test, Adapt: They measure what matters. They know what works. They tease out stories. And they have the courage to change tactics based on data.
Higher Education-Marketing Services - Analytics and Metrics

7. Calculate ROI: They intimately understand and measure your short term, and long-term measures of return-on-investment.

Higher Education Marketing Services - ROI

Since the ground keeps shifting in higher education marketing because of speed of mobile technology adoption, and change in student/parent habits, they take great pains to stay current, and continuously innovate.

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