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At Elliance, a Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency, we create unique ad creative for paid campaigns for each of our higher education marketing clients. There are several factors that we take into consideration as we develop this ad creative. Keeping the client’s brand in mind, the target audience and the goal of the campaign helps us come up with a one-of-a-kind strategy for each client.  Here are some best practices that we follow to develop high-converting ad creative for every client campaign: Use authentic photography: As all paid marketing platforms have become more and more visual, using the right image is really important to creating the right ad.The use of client images of actual students helps us develop a more authentic look and feel for prospects. It gives a realistic feeling of being on-campus and brings out the individuality of the brand. Following are some examples of ad creative that we used for our higher education clients marketing campaigns:  Chatham University’s … Continue reading

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Trusted higher education marketing agencies, like Elliance, embody the following eight best practices and habits: 1. One-Stop-Shop of Expertise: Under one roof, they offer the complete set of services. 2. Talented Team: Under one roof, they house inch-wide, mile-deep talent. 3. Rational Process: Your project is not their first rodeo. They have been there, done it – many times over. 4. Proven Strategies: They have seen and lived enough end-games to deliver a unique one for you. 5. Game Plan For Every Stage: Having lived enough lives, they know what they need to do when. 6. Inbound Marketing and Paid Advertising: Having implemented numerous integrated campaigns, they know how to orchestrate paid, owned, earned and shared media. 7. Marketing Technology: They are comfortable using different tools and technologies at each stage of the admissions funnel. 8. Performance and ROI: They relentlessly measure the impact of their work on the bottom line. Learn more about Elliance higher education marketing services.

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Professional higher education marketing services agencies, like Elliance, embrace the following seven best practices: 1. Start with Strategy: They pick the best strategy to move the college/university forward. 2. Build Your Brand: Because they know that in the sea of sameness, brands win, they build a memorable brand for your college. And then they imbue it at every touch point. 3. Fix Your Website: They recognize that your website is your conversion machine, and all roads lead to it. They also bake in your SEO Keyword Guide at every step of website development so your college can rank on Google page 1. 4. Orchestrate Inbound marketing, Google PPC, Paid Social and Retargeting: They fish where the fish are – on search, social and mobile. 5. Invest in Marketing Technology: With the right tools deployed at every stage of the admissions funnel, they know what is working and what’s not. Thus they are able to feed the performing ads/channels/messages and starve … Continue reading

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