Long Term Benefits of Social Visibility and Engagement

With greater focus on social media as a marketing channel, many companies are using it to reach their audiences. But what are the real benefits of using social media for your brand? Here’s a few that come to mind:

  1. Amplified brand awareness: The sharing mechanism on most social media channels becomes the vehicle, which transports your content and brand name in front of an expanded audience.
  2. Higher visibility for your content repository: If only one piece of content gets shared, that can bring visibility to older content pieces, which may be valuable but is in need of marketing visibility. As a result, one piece of content can introduce your audience to other great works that you have.
  3. Engaged customer base – Social media is one marketing medium that goes to the roots of marketing: word of mouth. For brands, this can be a way to reach the right audience who, as a result, become brand ambassadors by liking/sharing your content and spreading the word for you.
  4. Better rankings in search engines: With changes in search engine algorithms, social signals also contribute to improved rankings for your content, thus resulting in higher visibility and higher traffic.
  5. Additional traffic to your website: Overall traffic increases result from the higher visibility of content. Generally, a direct increase in social traffic is noticeable but over time, that results in higher traffic from other sources like direct and search engine traffic.
  6. Improved sales and conversions: As a result of all the above, the bottom line is also affected resulting in more conversions and a higher number of sales over time.

To put this in perspective, a recent Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner shows the percentage of marketers who saw some of these benefits. 90% of marketers stated that they increased exposure for their brand, 77% received higher traffic and 65% generated leads as a result of these efforts.

benefits of social media marketing chart

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