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With greater focus on social media as a marketing channel, many companies are using it to reach their audiences. But what are the real benefits of using social media for your brand? Here’s a few that come to mind: Amplified brand awareness: The sharing mechanism on most social media channels becomes the vehicle, which transports your content and brand name in front of an expanded audience. Higher visibility for your content repository: If only one piece of content gets shared, that can bring visibility to older content pieces, which may be valuable but is in need of marketing visibility. As a result, one piece of content can introduce your audience to other great works that you have. Engaged customer base – Social media is one marketing medium that goes to the roots of marketing: word of mouth. For brands, this can be a way to reach the right audience who, as a result, become brand ambassadors by liking/sharing your content and … Continue reading

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In an earlier post on preserving session state for analytics sake, I described a challenging technical hurdle, and mentioned the importance of thinking outside the box when researching possible solutions. Recently, a similar challenge presented itself. We were moving a client’s blogs from their servers to ours, and they wanted to change the URL for one of them. Generally, this is not a problem. However, the blog in question had garnered a great deal of social proof (Facebook and LinkedIn shares), and those share counts would be lost with the URL switch. Since social proof is increasingly important in winning customers in the Digital Age, we needed to ensure that this didn’t happen. A cursory search said that this couldn’t be done, as social proof counts were all based on the domain name in the URL. Being creative problem-solvers, we refused to accept that. By reframing the problem, we found a way to alter the URL of the social share, based on the original post … Continue reading

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