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Gods smile on colleges and universities that pursue and achieve top organic rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Prosperity takes many shapes and forms for colleges ranked on page #1 of search engines. e.g.

1. Prospective Students find them, inquire about them, show up at open houses, and apply.

2. Prospective Talented Faculty and Staff find and apply for open job postings.

3. Prospective Parents find them and suggest their kids apply.

4. Foundations and Donors connect with mission-aligned centers of excellence.

5. Corporations seek and connect with faculty for research & development.

6. News Makers find faculty experts.

7. Ranking and Rating Agencies discover new emerging gems.

8. Enrollment Officers boast a low acceptance rate, making the college more exclusive.

9. Financial Aid Officers extend aid by design not compulsion.

10. Presidents and Cabinet Members are invited to speak at top conferences for their genius.

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