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Brand anthem videos are powerful marketing tools that distill the argument for a college brand’s essence, and reason for being in a concise and impactful manner. They often serve as the centerpiece of a college or university’s branding, enrollment and fundraising campaigns. Once produced, we use them across various marketing channels including websites, social media platforms, advertising campaigns and open houses. They are carefully curated to create brand preference and connect with audiences on an emotional level.

Here are four examples of brand anthem videos we’ve produced, SEO-optimized and promoted.

The first one was used as a cornerstone of capital campaign for Boler College of Business at John Carroll University. It helped raise $25M and has garnered more than 68,000 views since its launch four years ago.

We used the second one as a cornerstone of an integrated enrollment marketing campaign for New York Chiropractic College (recently renamed to Northeast College of Health Sciences). It has not only received more than 66,000 views in the past six years, but it also helped grow enrollment by 40% in its first three years.

The third one was a bedrock of an integrated enrollment marketing campaign to grow enrollment at William Woods, a liberal arts university with a professional leaning. It has only received 6,600 views but the campaign grew undergraduate enrollment by 10%, graduate enrollment by 20% and doubled their online enrollment.

The fourth one was a keystone of a rebranding engagement that led to rebuilding 15 core websites for The Catholic University of America, the Pope’s University in America. Due to our efforts, we saw enrollment numbers soar by an astounding 25%.

Over the past three decades, Elliance has produced brand anthem videos for catholic, faith-based, liberal arts and community colleges; business, law, medical, and engineering schools; as well as technology, agricultural, and healthcare universities.

If you are seeking an inspired higher education branding agency for your institution, view our brand development capabilities and consider partnering with us.

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