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After serving 100 colleges over 25 years, we have learned that the college and university brands that have become schools of consequence embody these best practices: 1. Set a far horizon. It’s about a quiet, steady and ongoing care and feeding of the brand. It’s about cultivating new and better habits. It’s about embodying the mindset of a marathon runner, not a sprinter. 2. Infuse brand essence into every aspect of the institution. Enhancing enrollment operations, student services, career placement, advancement, alumni relations, and community outreach. 3. Bring the campus community along, ensuring a buy-in at every step. Not taking any short cuts. 4. Invest in first impressions. Paying attention to detail at every touch point – tours, website, viewbooks, social media, classrooms, housing, help desk and more. 5. Tell a better story. Telling smart, authentic, real, honest, surprising, and delightful stories — with students, faculty and alumni as heroes. 6. Go long on proofs, short on claims. Putting your … Continue reading

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