Why Manufacturing and Industrial SEO Agencies Improve Google/Bing Rankings with Fresh Content.

Why Manufacturing and Industrial SEO Agencies Improve Google/Bing Rankings with Fresh Content

Manufacturing and industrial buyers invest in the inseparable twin SEO and content strategies to secure Google/Bing rankings for three reasons. First, research shows that when suppliers “get found” via organic Google page one results, prospects trust them more. Google page one organic results command over 90% of click share, and generate close to two-thirds of leads. Organic inquiries tend to form long-term relationships with the manufacturers and they tend to melt away at a reduced rate.  Second, leads generated from Google organic rankings outperform paid advertising leads by three-folds. Third, the best prospects prefer to “discover” the suppliers of their choice through “accidental finds” on Google page one and word-of-mouth on social media.

Fresh content is the lifeblood of Google/Bing rankings algorithms. Fresh content can take many shapes:

  1. Blog Posts: new insights, interviews, trends, and most importantly news-jacking with your SME’s POV on news.
  2. Infographics: data, comparisons, timeline, process visualizations, and more.
  3. Videos: customer testimonials, how a product works, demos and brand anthem.
  4. Podcasts: subject matter experts, customers, industry thought leaders, etc.
  5. White Papers and e-books: specialized know-how, science-behind your products, and more.
  6. Case Studies: unique problems solved with your products by satisfied customers.
  7. News: new products, industry trade shows, etc.
  8. Interactive Pieces.
  9. New Pages: bringing focus to new products, team leaders, and events.
  10. Refreshing old content and embedding links to your new content.

Recall that Google/Bing bots build a knowledge graph of your site content. Bots are doing the same for your ever-awake competitors also. This partially determines where they rank your website for various keywords vis-a-vis your competitors. Fresh content plays four key roles in deepening and expanding your brand’s knowledge graph and improving its rankings:

  1. It signals to Google/Bing that your company remains committed to its core expertise.
  2. It provides new real estate, renewed relevance and greater depth to the keywords your company is striving to rank for. It provides keyword density
  3. It gives your company the opportunity to expand its content and rankings over the broad span of customer journey over the buyer’s decision funnel. Early impressions delivered to prospective buyers during the awareness and consideration phases determine 70 percent of purchase outcomes.
  4. It improves your website’s freshness score, a Google/Bing ranking factor.

Because creating content is a labor of love, busy manufacturers and industrial companies outsource content creation to specialized SEO/content agencies.

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