Should marketers make New Year’s resolutions?


A new year is always the perfect time to evaluate personal and professional goals. Which explains why the article, 10 Resolutions Marketers Should Make —And Keep — In 2017 caught my eye. I thought this article included some good advice:

  1. Marketers should resolve to prioritize the mobile customer experience.
  2. Marketers should resolve to stretch and exercise more.
  3. Marketers should resolve to stop combating ad blockers.
  4. Marketers should resolve to create seamless experiences.
  5. Marketers should resolve to partner more closely with the startup community.
  6. Marketers should resolve to spend more time actually interacting with customers.
  7. Marketers should resolve to leverage mobile location data.
  8. Marketers should resolve to invest more in video.
  9. Marketers should resolve to truly get to know their customers.

Three of these resolutions, prioritizing the mobile customer experience, investing more in video and getting to know customers are topics Elliance often discusses with our clients.

Instead of making resolutions at work or in your personal life, consider focusing on one single word. Fast Company wrote about the one word process and says that, “The one-word technique isn’t just for people; companies have adopted the process, too.”

Look at the above list of marketing resolutions, does the last one, ‘resolve to truly get to know their customers’ make you pause? If so, consider how you interact with your clients and/or co-workers and you might realize you need to focus on the word, Listen. Make that word your mantra and it could improve the service you provide your clients and also open your eyes to the contributions of your team members.

Or, perhaps you’ve been stuck in a marketing rut and have been doing things the same way for a million years. If that sounds familiar, you might want to embrace the word Change. By devoting 2017 to exploring new options and being open to change you could bring a fresh approach to your marketing.

Whatever way you choose to meet your Q1 goals, know that Elliance strongly believes in the first resolution – ‘marketers should resolve to strive for greatness.’