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One of our clients, a small manufacturing company located in southwestern PA came to us with a problem of not getting enough calls for growing their business. Our initial response to their request was to help them with their website and grow their presence on search engines to gain more visibility. However, as algorithms changed, we suggested an updated strategy for the client, focusing on content and social media.

The Updated Strategy

Apart from the website, the client had no other content or social media channels. Our strategy focused on creating a content machine and gaining visibility on social networks through great stories and content. We created a blog along with supporting networks for social media on all major networks Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

The Results

The result was continual increases in rankings for optimized phrases, rise in organic traffic, and higher traffic from social networks.

Here are some numbers to show the success of this campaign:

Organic traffic increased by 725%.

manufacturing marketing results

Social Traffic increased 100%.

marketing results for manufacturing company

Currently, the LinkedIn page for the client has 51 followers and most of their social sharing on the blog comes from LinkedIn as well. This may seem small to some people but for a small, specialty business, this is a big deal. They have another way to reach those 51 people, and their networks.

Starting from zero, and for a small manufacturing business in Pennsylvania, this turned out to be a great success.

For all manufacturing, B2B companies out there who are still thinking about whether they should invest in digital marketing or not, now’s the time.

To learn more about Elliance visit our manufacturing marketing and capabilities pages.


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