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Every preschool has a point of view. All point of views are good, for some group of kids out there. But the only point of view that appeals to us as a company is the one that meets the child wherever the child is developmentally and nurtures the child’s spirit from there. Shady Lane is that special school. How would I know? Well, all my three children went there and grew in leaps and bounds during their years there. Surprisingly, the teachers challenged us as parents and we too grew in leaps and bounds as well.

We were proud to design their website a few years back and now ever more proud to relaunch it by making it responsive i.e. you can now enjoy a graceful site experience on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Perhaps the best preschool in Pittsburgh

And now
Perhaps the finest preschool in Pittsburgh

Visit their website at and learn more about our website design and development services.

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  1. Computer is the best handy & the quickest means of communication & interaction today. Abu nice efforts reconnecting the three important components in the life of a school going child..The School-Teachers-Parents.
    Website of Shady Lane Pre School is excellent as it also carries your soul in it for being the first school of your children too.

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