5 Ideas That Should Be Guiding Your Web Presence

Here are five big ideas being talked about heavily in the web world that marketers should be considering.

Create Once. Publish Everywhere. (COPE).

This is the philosophy guiding NPR’s brilliant content/digital strategy which has allowed them to make the most of every story created–serving it up on any device and application.

Responsive Web Design

Oft understood as a coding and design solution for being able to adapt a site to the ever proliferating number of screen sizes, responsive web design is as much about one content base as it is one code base.

Mobile First

Mobile First is the concept that if we restrict ourselves to designing for the smallest screen size first, we’ll force ourselves to have to prioritize content and decide what’s really most important. A great way for you to separate the must have vs. nice to have vs. why do we still have? among your thousands of web pages.


All this device proliferation and talk of code can distract us from the heart of our marketing efforts–telling great stories. The very first question when assessing the future of your web initiatives or any other publishing initiative is, “What great stories do we want to tell?”

Adaptive Content

Karen McGrane offers up an excellent talk about how we actually start planning and creating what some are calling “adaptive content.” If you write in chunks, structure the content well, and actually define and use meta data, you’ll be well on your way to reusable, portable content you can use across devices. Go team Chunk!