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Today marks the one year anniversary of Steve Job’s death. Apple’s created a wonderful video tribute, which, incidentally, makes the case for a liberal arts education better than any I’ve ever heard. “It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is … Continue reading

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Here are five big ideas being talked about heavily in the web world that marketers should be considering. Create Once. Publish Everywhere. (COPE). This is the philosophy guiding NPR’s brilliant content/digital strategy which has allowed them to make the most … Continue reading

I have to imagine that @sweden’s citizen-driven Twitter “experiment” is waking up many a marketing director’s concerns about social media—ergo their brands—in the hands of the masses. As part of its Curators of Sweden campaign, Sweden’s government-sponsored tourism agency turns … Continue reading

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The New York Times wrote a great and fun story about a nut company that just spent a fortune for the domain, despite having a wonderful brand to itself and a thriving online business at We had a … Continue reading

Most of us understand, if only by feeling, the power of great photography. But on a recent client photo shoot I was reminded how much your approach to photography—just like your approach to social media—can influence your brand. Do you … Continue reading

It was a dark and stormy brainstorm session. Ideas were flying. “What if we could connect them to people who came before them and then show them the ones they could influence after?” “What if we use a narrative device, … Continue reading

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