It Pays to Play with Steeler Crocs

My colleague, Debbie Wilson’s true story about Crocs. Enjoy

Being a first time mother, my husband and I capture every moment we can on video. We post videos on YouTube on a regular basis to share with family and friends.
My husband wears Crocs and my son, Jordan loves to play with his Daddy’s Crocs. It is quite amusing to see a small 11 month old child playing with Daddy’s size 14 huge shoes.

He puts them on his hands and claps with them. I posted the video, as usual, on YouTube.

The day after posting the video on YouTube, I received a personal message from a man who runs Social Media for Crocs, Inc.

He said he saw my video, thought it was soooo cute and asked if they could use it on the Crocs blog. http://blog.crocs.com

I was thrilled and excited and gave my permission.
I received a response back offering me a complimentary pair of Crocs.

I am so thrilled and excited that my son’s video will be on the Crocs blog and I am so impressed with the Social Media department at the speed of finding the video and the way they handled the situation. I will be a Crocs customer for life.
My husband always wore them and liked them, I will now get some for myself and my son. We will become one happy Crocs wearing family!

Well done, Crocs.