Does destiny play a role in business?

Organizations, like people, create their own destiny.

After serving hundreds of clients over twenty years, reading over one thousand autobiographies of entrepreneurs and successful businesses, here is what I’ve come to understand about destiny in the lives of organizations.

Organizations are Authors of Their Own Destiny: Instead of drifting aimlessly, successful organizations embrace a clear and cogent strategy. Inch-wide-mile-deep, hit-them-where-they-aren’t, be-a-contrarian, build-on-strengths, and let-stars-pull-the-ordinary-along are just a few of the strategies they pick from.

Talent Unlocks Organizational Destiny: Instead of accepting mediocrity, successful organizations amass the talent that can deliver brilliance. They realize that engaged talent, not capital, will lead them to the Promised Land.

Destiny Demands Being True to Yourself: Instead of imitating others, successful organizations reveal their authentic selves. They celebrate their strengths, legacies, and heroes. They claim what’s rightfully theirs.

Destiny Takes Courage: Instead of hiring survivors, successful organizations carefully recruit champions who have the courage to make the tough choices to create destiny-shaping inflection points. They are comfortable navigating the political landscape, shedding old ways of doing things and are not trying to win popularity contests.

Positive Energy Powers Destiny: Irrespective of their constraints, successful organizations are powered by hope, optimism, decency, encouragement, inspiration and generosity of spirit.

If your destiny is calling, listen carefully to what it demands, accept its challenges and enjoy your journey.