3 Common Retargeting Mistakes

Retargeting allows you to follow users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the Web.

You want to be sure you are getting the most out of your retargeting campaigns, and most importantly, your repeat visitors.

Be sure to avoid these 3 retargeting mistakes:

1. Unclear and non-specific visitor segments

One of the biggest mistakes is to retarget to ALL visitors from the pages you are targeting. You want to be sure to create visitor segments that align with your goals and your audience. For example, you should not show an undergrad retargeting ad to a prospect who just visited your MBA program page.

2. No tags on important pages on your website and/or campaign landing pages

Once you’ve determined your retargeting campaign objectives and campaign segments, it’s important to tag all of your web pages properly. Then, you can create campaigns that target each visitor segment.

3. Not using all available ad banner sizes

It’s important to run your banners in all available sizes to ensure your ad gets placed when possible. With retargeting, you are bidding against thousands of other advertisers to show ads to your past visitors. Ensure your banners get placed and stand out.

Retargeting can be a very powerful digital marketing tool when used correctly. There are lots of specifics when running these types of ads, but these are the 3 biggest mistakes you want to be sure to avoid.

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