Organizing Your Team for Inbound Marketing Success

Here is how you might want to organize your team to achieve success with your inbound marketing campaign:

1. Strategist: A domain expert who carries the torch of the client perspective.

2. SEO Marketer: Ensuring that all fresh content is informed by a Keyword Guide as part of larger keyword strategy.

3. Editor in Chief: The mastermind behind conceptualizing content ideas, delegating them to the content team and ensuring the created content is remarkable and share-worthy.

4. Content Creators: A team of copywriters, interactive designers, photographers, and videographers responsible for creating compelling content.

5. Community Manager: Responsible for igniting the content on blogosphere, social platforms and related destinations.

6. Paid Marketer: Inviting target audiences to consume content via supplementary paid media.

7. Data Scientist: Guides tuning and adaptation of campaigns based on data captured in various analytic tools. Also measures the success of your inbound marketing campaign.

8. Inbound Project Manager: Masterful orchestrator of all inbound activities being executed by inbound marketing team.

What has worked for you? and what hasn’t? And if you don’t have a team ready for action, consider hiring an inbound marketing partner like Elliance.