Strategic Value of Website Redesign

In a perpetual state of evolution, healthy organizations, like healthy people, completely reinvent themselves every seven years. In the digital era, the burden of telling the world about our current essence falls increasingly on our web presence. To treat website redesign projects as just another ordinary project is pure folly.

A website redesign project is a tremendous opportunity to:

1. Imagine a greater future. A website is an important part of an organization’s stretch goal. It reflects a healthy mix of an organization’s current reality and as-yet unrealized potential.

2. Modernize your story. Constant self-reflection leads to new ways of re-imagining one’s stories and the metaphors we live by. A website must speak in one’s honest voice.

3. Enhance your unique selling proposition. Times change. Society changes. Values change. What people value changes. What organizations emphasize in their sales arguments changes too. A website should articulate the unique selling proposition in a language that resonates with contemporary values.

4. Build consensus within your organization. The larger the organization, the more difficult it is to keep everyone on the same page. A website redesign project, managed by seasoned hands, is an important opportunity to realign everyone in an organization.

5. Energize your troops. Just as sports teams have momentum, organization do too. I have always been amazed by seeing positive momentum right after a website launch.

My advice: don’t cut corners; don’t under-invest time and money; don’t delegate website redesign to people who aren’t responsible for creation of future for your organization.

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