Higher Education & Manufacturing PPC: Seasonal Trends

Are you seeing a decline in visits to your website this month? Did that decline, perhaps, begin in November?

Do not fear! You’re probably part of one of many industries that feel the effect of seasonal traffic. For most, December is the worst month.

In some industries, such as staple products like cable services, groceries, auto repair, there is almost no seasonal variation in keyword volume. After all, these are the things that we all need, all the time.

At the other end of the spectrum you’ll find products and services with predictable highs and lows — children’s toys around Christmas time, for example. Air conditioning repair in the summer. Accountants in the spring, etc.

Whether you’re running higher education or manufacturing PPC ads, or any other industry with seasonal trends, you want to make sure you budget and plan accordingly.

Let’s take higher education as an example. First, we know that within this industry, particularly with graduate programs, January is usually the biggest month from a traffic and lead perspective. Other predictable increases will center around application deadlines, open houses, or other fixed events. Analytics data from previous years, combined with visit and trend lines, allow us to plan an entire year effectively and responsibly, with appropriate forecasts for each month.

As you address your annual planning, think about dips and swells that the calendar lends to your traffic and PPC outreach. Save yourself worry and ensure a strong return on your investment by matching budget allocation to expected traffic throughout the year.

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