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There is an art and science to running a SEM and paid advertising campaign for manufacturers and industrial companies. With all online advertising platforms increasingly dependent on artificial intelligence and machine learning, gone are the days of total manual adjustments and management. Talented paid marketers now deftly manage the AI, and algorithm powered ad platforms. As a digital marketing agency, we have adapted to the changes happening in the industry but the fundamentals of creating content that will resonate with our clients’ target audience remains the same.  Depending on budgets, SEM or paid advertising services include a combination of the following: Google and Bing paid advertising including PPC and Display Paid social advertising Retargeting advertising Video advertising Trade media advertising They operate in an ecosystem that looks something like: Here are some best practices which we follow to run high performing, top converting paid media campaigns for all our manufacturing and industrial clients: Start with a Smart Plan Beginnings matter. How … Continue reading

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Are you seeing a decline in visits to your website this month? Did that decline, perhaps, begin in November?

Do not fear! You’re probably part of one of many industries that feel the effect of seasonal traffic. For most, December is the worst month.

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