Higher education marketing trends for 2012-2013

Because I present and visit so many conferences in higher education, many people ask me what’s hot right now in higher education marketing world. Here are a few trends that I am seeing these days:

1. Responsive website design is picking up steam, after the launch of Notre Dame and UC San Diego responsive websites.

2. The war is on for claiming the top rankings on search engines.

3. Web analytics are the rage, specially because they are self-service tools. Basics, mind you. Not connecting the dots and answering tough questions such as how should we allocate the marketing budget.

4. Branding of colleges and universities is moving full steam ahead.

5. The search for the CMS holy grail continues.

6. Mobile development is all the rage. Lots of mobile framework talk at every conference.

7. Marketers are struggling to figure out social media ROI. They simply don’t know the extent to which social media efforts help achieve enrollment, advancement, and reputation goals.

8. Marketers are increasingly adopting CRM systems to rationally and centrally manage their admissions funnel.

What are you seeing?

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