Reliable Brilliance

We expect reliable brilliance from professionals who serve us, and those we hire.

If you ask most people if they deliver reliable brilliance, 90% will say “yes”. Yet, it is quite rare. In reality, mediocrity rules, good enough pervades, dropped balls are the norm. Every day I observe people’s daily lives and find that there is a shortage of remarkable experiences, whether it is a visit to a doctor, a contractor, a school, a grocery store, a drug store.

In our Interactive Marketing space tool, I see little that is remarkable in business strategy, interaction design, user experience, technology implementation, content strategy, search marketing, and other disciplines.

The big question: how does one find people who deliver reliable brilliance? Most of them are very special people who rarely switch jobs; they are neither hanging out on Monster.com nor the careers portion of your website; they are gainfully employed, and being given respect, environment and rewards by enlightened employers.

The only way to find them is to network and seek out the performers. Once you find them, you have work cut out to persuade them to move. You can entice them with better projects, better toys, better environment, and, of course, better pay.

If you know remarkable people in the Interactive Marketing space, please let me know.