Brand Building – Mayo Clinic style

Just wrapping up a touching book titled ‘Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic’. Few takeaways:

1. the needs of the patient (customer) come first.

2. Teamwork isn’t optional; it powers integrated multi-specialty excellence.

3. Deliver care with time-condensed efficiency.

4. All touch points, systems, and processes are aligned with the first three values.

5. Build leadership bench strength.

6. Hire for values first – and then talent.

7. Create a superior experience for patients.

8. Services are performances. Orchestrate them well.

9. A strong brand is a safe place for customers.

10. Mission-over-profit is the higher purpose.

Interestingly, Mayo Clinic paradigm applies to services industries such as airlines (Southwest comes to mind), and community banks (Umpqua Bank comes to mind), Higher Education (Elon University comes to mind) and others.

In my business journey, I run into a few brands that follow with the Mayo Clinic blueprint, but it’s rarer than you think.

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