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A while back, I blogged about the 9 tensions we systematically hold while doing client work. Recently a colleague asked me about the overarching tensions we hold as a company. After some reflection, I compiled a list of three that we instinctively hold:

holding tensions

1. Business Strategy & Creative. Our clients have described us as a hybrid firm, a cross between business smarts and inspiring creative that work in harmony to move the needle in realizing both business objectives and reputation goals.

2. People & Google Bot. In the new marketing order, everything we do must persuade people yet relentlessly influence search engine rankings. For us the Keyword Guide, which is the set of keywords that a brand can rightfully claim, informs creation of all content that fuels marketing campaigns. We need to win both Google Position 1 battles and positioning battles of the mind.

3. Digital & Traditional. Once upon a time, we were a digital marketing agency. Clients nudged us to go beyond our digital roots to embrace traditional media. We adapted by hiring amazing talent. The reward: full service relationships that realize that digital now leads the brand and traditional advertising/marketing has to adapt to the new digital world we now live in.

This, my friends, reflects the DNA of who we are at our core.

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