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Today was a great day for Elliance, and Aerotech. We accomplished an engineering feat which is a rare occurrence in any company’s history. A little over a year after launching their English website, we launched the German version of the website for Aerotech. The intriguing part of the story is that the German website wasn’t built as a standalone website; instead, a common code base, data model and content management engine powers both their English and German websites. This translates into nominal costs for creating each additional international website and fixing a problem in all international versions in case a problem is discovered. Doing this for a marketing website is an accomplishment in itself, but doing this for a marketing website with complex add-ons such as site search, facet search, international dealer locator, a complete product catalog and SEO hooks is an accomplishment on a different scale. It’s as if we were climbing uphill with extra weights added to our … Continue reading

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