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In numerous cases, we as marketers ask those we are marketing to become the voice of the company or institution they represent. Their stories give meaning in a deeply personal way. And, in many cases, we ask those that give voice to the story to be photographed to represent their story. Nine times out of ten, these subjects are uncomfortable, wary, and uncertain about their image being used, knowing their likeness will be seen by every visitor that comes to the website. Most people are simply uncomfortable being in front of a camera. So, the challenge for the designer becomes, ‘how do I represent these individuals in the most respectful and truthful manner?’ The environmental portrait The environmental portrait is just as it says — a photo that represents the subject in their natural environment. Whether it is in their work location, personal home, or a location that is representative of the narrative, the choice to shoot an environmental portrait … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, we launched HM Insurance Group’s new website, and the same thing happened with this one that always happens—we delivered a lot more than an insurance company website design. FIRST, we engaged HM in a discovery process that revealed some business realities we didn’t expect to find. We got insights into the ways their industry is changing and the mindset of their buyers. A clear challenge emerged: How do we distinguish what “Quality” means for customers tempted to commoditize what HM brings to the table? NEXT we developed a communications strategy that addressed their business objectives, clearly distinguished their value proposition and refocused the company on the stewardship their people provide. It goes beyond the usual website strategy. It’s written to inform all of HM’s marketing efforts. AND THEN we created a new brand position for HM: “Guarding Financial Health.” These 3 words communicate the higher purpose of their B2B product and service offering. AND THEN we … Continue reading

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