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In the past 30 years, Elliance has deployed SEO strategies for more than 100 manufacturers and industrial companies in service of growing their leads, sales and capacity utilization. Why have we insisted on recommending SEO to our clients? For two reasons. First, because Google/Bing page 1 is destiny. Trusted page one organic rankings and high visibility for your social media content equate to owning the world’s hottest real estate. 93% of industrial buying begins with on online searches. 90% of users never go beyond page 1 of search results. Organic rankings (i.e. the top 10 natural search results) are clicked 9-folds more, trusted more, and convert three-folds better than paid ads.  Second, being found on page one is the best means for finding, getting, keeping and growing customers and talent. We recommend our clients begin the SEO journey by crafting an intentional plan powered by a Keyword Lexicon that contains clusters of keywords and phrases spanning products and services, brand … Continue reading

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Most people draw a clear line between conventional marketing of products and services, and social marketing, which broadly defined applies marketing principles to change human behavior in order to improve health or benefit society. But what happens when you bring a social issue forward that almost nobody knows even exists — one that goes to the very heart of an American ideal as old as the Declaration of Independence. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. True in countless respects, but not when it comes to gauging a child’s future academic success. Some children simply are born “gifted” or “talented” — and that wealth of talent spreads equally across all segments of the American population, regardless of race, religion, geography or family income. Researchers count about 3.4 million academically gifted American school children in grades K-12 who happen also to be poor. Here is where the story gets interesting. Year after year, grade after … Continue reading

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Most manufacturing websites with e-commerce capabilities, or a product catalog, need to be very careful in how they handle their on-site SEO. Good on-page optimization can yield major returns and expand the horizons. On the other hand, sloppy work can lead to disappointed searchers and bad impressions – of your site and of your business. Designers of manufacturing websites need to take a hard look at on-page factors and develop targeted strategies to build up good SEO practices. Below are some on-page SEO factors that can be improved on many manufacturing e-commerce websites: Content Depth: Manufacturing companies usually have shallow content on their websites, especially the category pages. A typical category page will list all the products in a particular category. Usually the page is devoid of any other content. This creates the ‘thin content’ problem which is usually not a contributor to SEO success. It’s very important to have a healthy amount of content for a page to rank … Continue reading

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E-commerce optimization is the most challenging out of all kinds of SEO. Why? First, e-commerce websites are usually large, sometimes with hundreds or thousands of products. Second, the product related content (such as product descriptions) used on these websites tends to be manufacturer specific. This means that every reseller of a product will have similar content on its site. Being unique among a multitude of firms offering very similar products (with nearly identical descriptions) is a daunting task. When working with e-commerce websites, it’s important to have a strategy before blindly charging forward with SEO. At Elliance, when we work with e-commerce websites, we think of SEO strategy in terms of a mountain range: high peaks, mountains and hills. Visualize a mountain range in this case. High peaks are few and far between, surrounded by numerous smaller mountains which in turn are surrounded by even more, smaller hills. #1: Claim Your Peaks In terms of SEO, high peaks are your … Continue reading

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