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Marketing, like ecology, is a complex ecosystem of reciprocal relationships thriving in a network of mutuality. Parts grow, interdependence begins and symbiotic relationships form. It adapts to each new season. Mutual Reinforcement in a Marketing Ecosystem On the organizational or micro-level, marketing is a highly interconnected, mutually reinforcing and complex ecosystem of paid, owned and earned media tactics – part digital and part traditional. Examples include: Brand strategy and strategic plans build strength upon strength. Magazine stories lift program/service offerings; in turn, program/service offerings imbue the stories with context and relevance. Tightly aligned page content and SEO meta-coding persuades humans and influences the Google bot alike. Content marketing creates a rising tide of website visitors, and paid advertising lifts the site visitor volume disproportionally.   The presence of the brand in both Google organic and Google paid results creates a four-fold increase in click-throughs. Billboards and the website tango to enhance brand reputation. Lean print pieces and advertising complement smart websites. … Continue reading

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Ranked as one of the best B2B marketing agencies, we are frequently asked to share our thoughts about emerging marketing trends. We see three main forces impacting the B2B environment: First, Gen-Zers are entering the job market. In the past few years, there has been a generational shift from Boomers to Gen-Xers and Millennials. By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be largely comprised of Millennials and Gen-Zers. Second, social justice movements with themes of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are growing and increasingly fused together. Third, the release of Forrester Research’s 2023 Planning Guide for B2B Marketing Executives lays out new market trends. To grow their brand’s share of mind, voice and market, successful marketers are focused on the following initiatives for 2023: 1. Purpose First Since Millennials and Gen-Zers care deeply about corporate values, they are gravitating towards companies that embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and embody corporate social responsibility … Continue reading

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In looking at the B2B world of marketing, trends are indicating that Millennials are now very much in command of B2B research and decision-making. Who says? [1]Google partnered with Millward Brown Digital and conducted a B2B Path to Purchase Study in 2014. It’s a really interesting study chock full of information that indicates that these Millennials are fast becoming B2B influencers. What the study discovered is that a significant demographic shift has occurred from 2012 to 2014 as shown below:               Knowing this, will that change what you are doing to market your products and services? Reading or watching? Watching video. Period. For many B2B researchers, video is preferred for information gathering more than visiting a website. One of the most interesting statistics pulled from the Google/Millward Brown study is that that video has exploded as a medium, let me rephrase that, video has exploded as the medium that B2B researchers prefer throughout their search. … Continue reading

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Two months ago, I brought home an eight-week-old miniature schnauzer named Ellie. She only weighed four pounds. She needed to go outside in the wee hours of the morning. She prompted me to ask myself, “What have I done? How will I get through this? Will this get any easier?” Since this little bundle of cuteness is consuming a lot of my time, it’s only natural that she’d be the inspiration for my blog post. After all, I am sure there are many professionals – from owners of smart manufacturing companies to newly hired marketing directors – who occasionally ask themselves the same questions I mentioned in the above paragraph. With Ellie as my marketing muse, here’s some food (or kibble) for thought. Be yourself. If you search Google images for miniature schnauzers, you will find adorable dogs who are black, gray or salt and pepper. As you can see, Ellie is brown and white. She is called a liver … Continue reading

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