Key Ingredients of Marketing Success in 2014

Inbound marketing is essential: Provide information customers want, via blogs, videos, podcasts, articles, newsletters, social media updates and SEO and they’ll naturally turn to your website to learn more. Using multiple tactics makes inbound marketing a proactive approach that’s extremely effective.

Paid advertising is critical: Wouldn’t it be great if you could tailor ads to speak directly to your target audience? With pay-per-click ads, that’s exactly what happens. The keywords potential customers type into a search bar lead them directly to your ads.

Boots on the ground make connections: It’s hard to achieve success online without an effective ground game taking place offline. Military strategists know it. Political campaigns live it. This means making time to go on road shows. Plan seminars for prospects. Meet face-to-face.

Follow-up is everything: Getting new leads is just the beginning. These leads must be nurtured with follow-up email/call campaigns, invitations to special events, and other escalation tactics to move hot prospect towards a close.

Metrics matter: The biggest advantage of digital marketing is the ability to track and measure conversions. Marketers are increasingly relying on A/B testing to guide message refinement. Use tracking and conversion tools smartly.

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