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Constructing a fresh, effective higher education marketing plan can feel overwhelming. There are so many tactics, messages, and advertising and social media outlets to consider. With appealing options and promotion tools available at every corner, there is one in-house strategy that can be easily overlooked: thought leadership.

Educators are experts in their fields of study, and they are also closest to students. Showcasing their knowledge and passions makes for genuine, thoughtful content that is attractive to current and prospective students, parents, and industry leaders alike.

For every college or university that struggles with thought leadership, there is an institution or educator that excels in content development. Many of these thought leaders publish their writing and findings on LinkedIn – sharing knowledge and sparking meaningful discussions.

In celebration of these thought leaders, LinkedIn published its second annual list of “Top Voices.” This list, compiled from post-engagement data, highlights influencers from a variety of industries. Some of the higher education “top voices” include:

  • Tom Davenport – Professor; Research Fellow, Babson College; MIT
  • Andy Molinsky – Professor and Author, Brandeis University
  • Bill Boulding – Dean, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

If thought leadership is a weakness at your institution, or you’re looking for inspiration, you may want to follow the education top voices on LinkedIn. For a comprehensive list of influencers from all industries, click here.

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