A Blog About Blogging: A Cornerstone of Inbound Marketing Strategy

a blog as a cornerstone of inbound marketing strategy

Are you still debating whether blogging and content creation is beneficial for your business/higher education institution or not?

Here are four reasons why blogging matters for inbound marketing strategy:

  1. Higher exposure and more ranking opportunities: Google algorithm updates in recent years have made fresh content on a website a crucial ranking signal. As a result, blogging on a regular basis allows us to add fresh content on a website. This results in better rankings which leads to higher traffic to the website. Also, as each page added to the website or blog is indexed by search engines, each blog post provides an opportunity to rank in search engine results. This provides more opportunities to get found by visitors on search engines.
  2. Content relevance = authority: The more content a website has on a specific topic the more authoritative they are deemed by search engines. Thus resulting in higher rankings for searches related to that topic. In order to build this kind of credibility, blogging becomes a very important tool. Blogging allows us to add more relevant content for a subject, without adding navigational/content bloat on the main site.
  3. More opportunities to retain visitors and build a following: Blogs allow us to add more in-depth content on your social networks without allowing users to leave your site. It’s a tool to retain visitors on your networks, be it the website, social networks, blogs, etc. It provides a variety of content so visitors can get useful content all in one place.
  4. Conversational, less formal content with higher shareability potential: Blogs are generally less formal allowing for more flexibility. Readers of blogs also understand and expect the more casual tone and structure, which is why they can be created and added more frequently than deeper articles, keeping in line with today’s fast moving, mobile culture.

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