My favorite 2016 Olympic Commercials

For an ad lover and athlete like myself, the olympics are like super bowl, but better — I get to experience great ads for two weeks straight.

(The only difference is the advertisement restrictions that the International Olympic Committee for non-sponsors but this isn’t a blog about those rules. This is a blog about the awesomeness that has unfolded in the last few weeks.)

I’ve shared my top three from the 2016 Rio Olympics:

Bronze: Samsung

Samsung took a bit of several national anthems — the parts that talk about unity — and mixed them into one song. Stuff like this gets me every time.


Silver: Google Photos

#relatable. #toorelatable.


Gold: Nike – The Iron Nun

Nike’s UNLIMITED ads knock it out of the park, and this one is my favorite. Their ability to combine together professional athletes with 9-minute-mile schmoes like me has forever earned my brand loyalty.

I love the concept of breaking the fourth wall. And how the narrator and athletes interact. Also watch the one where the narrator loses it as the athletes do crazier and crazier things.


See ya in 2018, PyeongChang.