Not Just a Doorway

Leads_Mapping_Diagram-1My family recently took a trip to Portugal and Spain. Be it my first time in Europe, I could compose a never-ending list of all the things that astounded me — from the decadent pastries to the new and exciting symphony of language that filled the air.

The thing I found most astonishing, however, was the intricate architecture that sculpted each building we passed, on every street we ventured down.

In these cities and towns, some over 500 years old, everything is a piece of art. From the cobblestone streets to the burnt Spanish-tiled roofs, every building brightly etched in a different color sidewalk chalk.

I spent every day of our trip 10 steps behind the rest of the group, handicapped by my awestruck wonder and need to photograph every inch of the masterpiece before me.

Even every door was a beautiful creation. Each original and treated with an attention to structure and detail that could not be ignored by passersby.

Some adorned by gold trim, with elaborate carvings etched into the tile. Others featuring ornate curvature of archways and vibrant colors that bring it all to life. No door the same, yet each an invitation to the story behind it.

This got me thinking about the architecture and design that goes into a website.

Oftentimes we think of the homepage as the grand entryway to a website — the main door. When, in fact, with the use of Google search that is no longer always the case.

church 3

Every page could potentially be a user’s first introduction to your site, meaning every page, or door, should reflect the personality of the institution, organization, or company it represents and act as an open invitation.

Each door should have careful attention to detail, as many carvings and accents, as much thought put into the colors and textures, the molding of the frame, as if it were the first introduction.

In the world of website architecture, we are now beginning to utilize what the ancient architects and designers knew 600+ years ago. Front, back or side door, whether seen by billions or seen by one; in the design, in the functionality, in the experience — make it more than just a doorway.

Make it the invitation to your story.