Top 10 Characteristics of Our Best-Fit Clients

After running Elliance for more than 15 years, I have created a list of characteristics that represent our best clients. They are:

Goal Oriented

They are ambitious and in pursuit of well-defined business goals and objectives.

Open Communicators

They clearly and generously communicate. They frame situations.


They cherish a relationship of mutual respect, yet they lean on us for our expertise.

Quality Oriented

They appreciate craftsmanship, value quality and revel in brilliance.

Performance Focused

They extend trust, yet they expect performance, accountability and return-on-investment.

Forward Thinking

They stretch us and expect innovation.

Relationship Driven

They thrive on deep relationships and aren’t interested in transactional relationships.

Values Centered

They live in the 21st century but are inspired by 18th century values such as responsibility and grace.

Fair Minded

They want us to make a reasonable profit. They pay their bills on time.


They know that they succeed only when their organization succeeds.